Resonant Frequencies Vol. 3 - NK Badtz Maru

Vol. 3 of our Resonant Frequencies series comes in the form of a fiery mix by New York City-based DJ NK Badtz Maru. With selections ranging from future drum & bass, to grime, to brass-tinged & sunny house, NK Badtz Maru’s mix takes mischievous chances yet always lands on its feet. Swerving across tempos and styles, NK Badtz Maru takes us on unexpected detours we’re happy to be along for.


Resonant Frequencies Vol. 2 - Inner Travels

We’re excited to share the latest volume of Resonant Frequencies. Vol. 2 is brought to you by Wisconsin-based composer Inner Travels, aka Steve Targo. A prolific creator of peaceful electronic music inspired by the forests and farmlands of Wisconsin, Inner Travels has released a steady stream of tapes for various labels including Twin Springs, Rainbow Pyramid, Scenic Rhythms, Otherworldly Mystics, Phinery, Inner Islands and beyond. Targo brings his signature pastoral bliss to an hour long mix of meditative and serene listening.



Enter the dubbed-out synaptic world of Italian producer Tocci with his debut EP, Aircntrl.

"[Aircntrl] pulls from various touchstones (glitch, breaks, noise, drone, hip-hop) and melds them together in a wildly inventive barrage of sound that will have you on the edge of your seat and wondering what planet the music was beamed down from." – XLR8R (read more)

Resonant Frequencies Vol. 1 - Rrao

We’ve been quietly crafting away this year, preparing some great new releases and projects from artists near and far. There is no shortage of inspiring music being created and shared during these strange times. Yet with so much music bubbling up, the channels in which we listen to, receive, and share music seem to lie in the hands of a few major streaming platforms and media channels.

The strength in all of our connectivity as music admirers, listeners, and supporters allows music to be shared from ear-to-ear and peer-to-peer. While algorithmic playlist culture grows, the DJ/selector mix rings tried and true as a potent and humanistic way of sharing music with others through love and care.

We hope to share the spirit of the mix in our pick of heads, selectors, freaks and friends in our new mix series Resonant Frequencies. We'll share Q&As with our selectors accompanied by a charity / organization of their choice that's worth your attention. First up in the series is Brooklyn, NY dance soundsystem caretaker and Reiki Master, rrao, aka Turiya Madireddi. She is a beacon of light who can be found on Brooklyn dancefloors listening intently and lovingly to the systems she helps set up. 

                                                                         Design by   Rioux

                                                                         Design by Rioux

Tocci - Aircntrl - August 18, 2017

A tangled web of machinery purrs. Neurons fire and wire together the synaptic environment of Tocci’s Aircntrl. The producer’s debut on Human Pitch resembles an auditory science fiction metropolis, more akin to world of Blade Runner than to his home in Milan, Italy. Evoking the uncanny valley between man and machine, Aircntrl gives reason to suspect its composer may well be a human facsimile.

Watch the kinetic video for “The Bottom Line,” the first offering from Aircntrl, below. The video was created by Rioux.

Pre-order the cassette or digi-EP of Aircntrl via Bandcamp and get an instant download of "The Bottom Line." The cassette and digi-artwork was designed by Italian visual artist Domenico RomeoAircntrl is out August 18, 2017.