Release: June 21st, 2019

Artwork by Clément Mancini

Artwork by Clément Mancini

01. Facelift
02. Specie

Artwork by Clément Mancini.

Release Info

Human Pitch cofounder Tristan Arp returns with his signature rhythm science on Specie, a new offering of slippery dancefloor freakouts. Honing the colorful sound design of his first EPs Pipeline and Plexi, the New Yorker incorporates a palette of modular percussion, bamboo mallets, Moog, and mutated vocals across the two-track excursion.

ASMR found sounds unfurl into the asymmetrical “Facelift”––a whirlpool of drippy textures that turns dub, techno, and reggaeton on their heads. “Specie” gathers the remains of its surgical counterpart and accelerates the flow. Arp’s voice is sliced and scattered across a lush, wooden environment that pulses unpredictably.

Instinctive and uninhibited, Specie embodies the id in sonic form. A playful commentary in the abstract, Tristan Arp’s latest project aims to sonify human tendencies from the intuitive to the peculiar. Surely humans are the strangest species of them all.