Resonant Frequencies Vol. 8 – Fonobisa

You've lived in Tijuana, spent time in Mexico City, and are now moving back to your hometown of Guadalajara. How would you describe the Mexican music community and overall energy by region or city? Is the sound of the country quite varied or rather focused at the moment. 

Everyone is energized, composing varied kinds of music, young talented global communities all working separately in a complicated economy-society. 

Your music runs the gamut between reggaeton and techno influences. What niche do you feel a part of if any in Mexico?

None I guess. Sometimes too experimental for "established" genres and sometimes too "conservative" for experimental genres. Just doing my thing, someone will always relate.

What are some labels that you look up to right now?

I've always liked to go through Mexican labels to keep a track of what happens. Labels like POAT Records, Lowers, OneSelf, IMPT, PIRA.MD Records, and the list goes on, there's a lot to listen to, good and bad things as well, depends on the listener. About foreign labels I would say all the ones mentioned on this mixtape. 

I understand you're involved in a collaboration at the moment. I'd love to hear more about it. How does that process unfold between you and those you're working with? Do you find computers to be a barrier or more effortless than hardware in this context?

Thanks! Currently working with singer-songwriter Andres Romo, the songs are a mix between club-techno-pop-ambient with lyrics in Spanish, really excited to be honest. So far I've worked with various musicians and learned that composition is relative to the circumstances, you can have a whole studio full of gear but the actual idea will come using just the computer and vice versa, nothing is a barrier is just a matter of knowing what to do. 

As part of our mix series, we ask our contributors to choose one charity they’d like to shine a light on. Do you have a cause you’d like to let others know of? What feels most urgent to you on a social/political level?

I guess people in general, we're all been taught that the world is like it is because of us, but is always forgotten the fact that we were designed as a society and things can be changed so easily if the people who's making tons of money by taking advantage of everything decides to.