Release: October 26, 2018

Cover art by Clément Mancini

Cover art by Clément Mancini

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01. Double Exposure
02. Plexi
03. Phylum
04. Instinct

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Playful, dubbed-out techno gone wrong is the approach taken on Tristan Arp's second collection of twisted rhythms for Human Pitch, Plexi. The EP follows his May debut, Pipeline, the title track from which received an explosive rework from Machine Woman in August.

Grittier and grainier than his first offering, The New Yorker's second EP keeps with its producer's surgical precision and pointillist micro-percussion. Bending the framework of dance music, the stealthy rhythm of "Double Exposure" teases and tests limits, skipping beat one while its hazy, biomorphic textures burn to a crisp. The snaking, mischievous "Phylum" turns a reggaeton cadence on its head and the scorched stutter-step of "Instinct" glazes over with granular vocal blips and whirring tape echo.

Adventurous and idiosyncratic at every turn, Plexi captures Tristan Arp making his second case in the first year of his career for a new kind of dance music, eschewing four-on-the-floor beats and bleak self-seriousness in favor of exploration and unabashed fun.