Release – August 18, 2017

Artwork by  Domenico Romeo

Artwork by Domenico Romeo

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01. Sobriety
02. Aircntrl
03. The Bottom Line
04. Swiffer

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A tangled web of machinery purrs. Neurons fire and wire together the synaptic environment of Tocci’s Aircntrl. The producer’s debut on Human Pitch resembles an auditory science fiction metropolis, more akin to Blade Runner than to his home in Milan, Italy. Evoking the uncanny valley between man and machine, Aircntrl gives reason to suspect its composer may well be a human facsimile.

Aircntrl teems with artifacts. As if intercepted from a radio tower, bites of human chatter and music are disembodied, dismantled and manufactured with the connectivity and grace of a supercomputer. Tocci logs us into his world at hi-speed connectivity.

“Sobriety” opens with the kind of rhythmic abstraction that defines the broken pulse of Aircntrl. Throbbing low end breaks the threshold of high-frequency rustling. Clicking percussion appears and vanishes, whirring tones and rattles flash across the stereo field.

Tocci’s multi-dimensional approach to rhythm operates according to its own logic. Melodic phrases follow an instinctual, oscillating tempo. The title track builds upon this polymetric language to mind-washing effect. The fitful rhythms thrust between punctuations of space––a dynamic game of ebb and flow that the producer likens to the peculiarly soothing motion of putting one's hand outside the window of a cruising car.

Aircntrl is defined by its unconventional kinetic energy and deepened by its ambient DNA. Digital chimes flash throughout the record and the most erratic passages are augmented conversely by drones. “The Bottom Line” soars without boundaries and stabilizes at will, pointing again to the Italian producer’s balancing act of vertigo and inertia. The result is at once exhilarating and grounding, perplexing and pacifying.

Tocci’s Aircntrl will be released on August 18, 2017 in cassette and digital format.




Animation by Rioux