Tristan Arp

Release – May 18, 2018

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01. Pipeline
02. Tauri
03. Ingwer
04. Web

Release Info

Swerving between elastic funk and playful sound design, New York producer Tristan Arp shares his debut collection of biomorphic techno with Pipeline. Pointillist micro-percussion and asymmetrical rhythms propel the taunting, coy bangers “Pipeline” and “Tauri,” while the long-form epic “Web” challenges dance-floor norms with off-kilter silence and warped acoustic instrumentation.

Shining with the sprightly whimsy of science fiction, the EP emphasizes spontaneity and intuition, each track an improvisational one-take performance. The multimedia artist’s cover design reflects his record’s shapeshifting forms.

Pipeline is the first in a series of dance EPs to be shared by Tristan Arp throughout the year and will be available in digital format on May 18th, 2018 via Human Pitch.