e b o w

Release – March 16, 2018

Artwork by  M artin Peeves

Artwork by Martin Peeves

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01. Smokey Jarreau In Colt Villa
02. Owned It
03. Jak Pukes
04. Conflict
05. Anita
06. Agnes


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Release Info

A collection of undulating and warped dancefloor excursions from Accra, Ghana, E B O W is the focused culmination of years of experiments by GALTFaculty. jakGALT started DJing and making music at the age of 14 with two tape decks and a mixer. Later on, armed with an arsenal of analog gear under the GALTFaculty moniker, jakGALT developed his off-the-cuff production style, eschewing editing and perfection for live one-takes, performed entirely on unorthodox gear. The hypnotic burners on E B O W are the results of jakGALT's dismantled musical influences—Hip-Hop, Chicago and Detroit House—reconstructed and imbued with the verdant and electrifying atmosphere of Ghana.

While jakGALT has quietly shared music online over the years, E B O W marks GALTFaculty’s first official release. The opening “Smokey Jarreau In Colt Villa” evokes a murky, nocturnal environment, built around murmurs and harmonized vocal stabs, whereas the slippery funk of “Owned It” and “Conflict” take the record for a euphoric turn. The dubbed-out, odd-meter “Jak Pukes” puts a heady yet equally persistent spin on the record’s kinetic core. The woozy boom-bap of “Anita” and “Agnes” bring the record to a bursting close.

Born in Kumasi, Ghana, jakGALT spent his life living around the world in cities such as Nuremberg, Frankfurt, London, Philadelphia, and New York City before settling back down in Accra, Ghana, where he now works as a fashion designer, restaurateur, a garden enthusiast, and as the co-founder of AccraHouseMusic, a collective dedicated to fostering the city’s house music culture. Better known for Highlife––and in recent decades, Hiplife––Accra’s music culture has become increasingly shaped by house music thanks in part to the collective.

In collaboration with his brother Martin Peeves, the visual artist behind E B O W’s cover, jakGALT created a playful universe of alter egos. In 2004, they began to design and make all of their own clothing, which eventually grew into their fashion label, KLEATSH. jasonKLEATSH, jakGALT’s second musical project, is the name of the protagonist representing the fashion label’s sonic world that later gave birth to a second being, GALTFaculty.

GALTFaculty’s E B O W is out on digital format via Human Pitch on March 16, 2018.