Tocci - Aircntrl - August 18, 2017

A tangled web of machinery purrs. Neurons fire and wire together the synaptic environment of Tocci’s Aircntrl. The producer’s debut on Human Pitch resembles an auditory science fiction metropolis, more akin to world of Blade Runner than to his home in Milan, Italy. Evoking the uncanny valley between man and machine, Aircntrl gives reason to suspect its composer may well be a human facsimile.

Watch the kinetic video for “The Bottom Line,” the first offering from Aircntrl, below. The video was created by Rioux.

Pre-order the cassette or digi-EP of Aircntrl via Bandcamp and get an instant download of "The Bottom Line." The cassette and digi-artwork was designed by Italian visual artist Domenico RomeoAircntrl is out August 18, 2017.